First Transnational Meeting

 29-31 March 2017

 Funchal, Madeira- PORTUGAL 

The first TM was held in Funchal, the capital city of Madeira. We were fascinated by the natural beauties of the island Madeira, the pearl of the Atlantic Ocean. The project partners from Italy, Poland and Turkey met at EB1/PE SÃO FILIPE, the host school,   for the fist time. We all know that face to face meetings have crucial impacts on the success of projects. We were welcomed by the students' performances  and were surprised by listening to the Project Song created by Madeiran partners. All teams worked hard during this meeting and replanned the activities according to each school’s academic calender.  

First Learning Teaching Training Mobility

 22nd -26th MAY, 2017 


 Our project’s first LTT activity took part in Italy. The host school ISTITUTO COMPRENSIVO EDUARDO DE FILIPPO – VILLONOVA, welcomed the partner schools with a wonderful reception.

The students accompanied by their teachers, headmaster and headmistresses from three countries visited the school, attended the classes and did the project activities. The main theme of the LTT mobility is to encourage our student’s self-esteem, encourage them to do presentations about their unique cities in  English in an international platform. 

Second Learning Teaching Training Mobility

16th – 20th OCTOBER, 2017 


 Our project’s second LTT activity took part in Poland. The host school PUBLICZNA SZKOLA PODSTAWOWA NR 2 W STRZEGOMIU, welcomed the partner schools with the beautiful songs of  school chorus. The headmistress Elzbieta Smyk made a welcoming speech, expressing her feelings of happiness and proud of hosting the Erasmus+ project teams. The wonderful reception warmed all the hearts...

The project activity is TREE OBSERVATION. We know how spectacular the nature in Poland is,so we decided this activity there. 

Last Transnational Meeting

 18th – 20th APRIL, 2018 


 The two-year project’s last meeting was held in Aksaray- TURKEY. The host school NACİ ABAY İLKOKULU welcomed the partners with the traditional folk dance performance of the students'. The headmaster Necmi Yücel made a welcoming speech after the mini concert given by the artists in angels costumes. The project partners packed their suitcases with unforgettable memories they lived in the fairyland. They left Turkey  with the proud of fulfilling the tasks of the project perfectly.